Our Story

how one simple video made a tremendous difference 

1 video can spread awareness, aid a cure, and bring a family & it's community together to help raise $250,000.00.    

 We know because we proved it!

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Our Story

On a cold Thursday night, one of our team members received a phone call from the Founder of the Rock The Socks Nonprofit Organization, Nick. After seeing rapper FiO Baby's "Looking Back: 2015" video, Nick decided that he wanted something very similar in order to raise $250,000 for his baby girl who had been born with EB. He told the team member all about Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which is the rare disease his daughter Makenzie struggles with everyday. Our team member shed a tear. Nick wanted to use the Looking Back format to spread awareness...and it worked! Big Time!

After being educated on EB by Nick for an hour we decided to do his video pro bono. 

Our team member Michael Fiore, wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed an original song titled "Rock Your Socks (The Rock the Socks Anthem)" in which we then produced a music video for and released in September, 2015. This music video features hundreds of friends, family, and community members cheering and supporting baby Makenzie from the Hauppauge High School bleachers. 

Michael "FiO Baby" Fiore's video was an instant hit bringing in thousands and thousands of views via Facebook and Youtube. The video was picked up by Newsday, News 12 , ABC, CBS, and NBC bringing the well known hashtag #rockthesocksmakenzie to life via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Soon after the release people began posting pictures of themselves "Rocking the Socks" including celebrities such as Melissa Joan Hart.

It was our very first project and as a result, 1 year old Makenzie Cadmus may live a longer and healthier life.