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Your Proposal is more than just a magical moment, it's a story as well

There are two kinds of love: passionate and companionate. The first typically lasts for a year to a year-and-a-half, “spikes early, then fades away. Companionate love is less intense but grows over time … There is still passion, but it’s balanced with trust, stability, and an understanding of each other’s flaws.” -Modern Romance

A NuView Wedding video is a special moment of the past that has been captured and edited for both you and your significant other to look back upon and revisit anytime you'd like years from now, and that's priceless. Yes, our wedding videos are extremely professional but more importantly they are sensitive, and it's NuViews sensitivity that makes our videos so sensational. 

So, Why NuView Wedding Videography?

  • Passionate love doesn't last forever and neither do our memories, but your wedding video will always be there for you to revisit.
  • Companionate love is forever and grows stronger everyday. Let us remind your future counterparts of how you met, what was going through your heads at the time, why you've decided to spend the rest of your lovely lives together, and anything else you'd like to make memorable!